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This site was created to offer the traditional Chinese perspective of the Five Elements as an integrative view to bridge both Western and Eastern approaches to healing.

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To our Beloved Clients, Customers, and Community,

We are all adjusting to a rapidly changing world, both in how we care for our health and in how we conduct business. We want you to know that everyone at Five Element Healing/Integral Health Apothecary is here for you, as we always have been. It is our commitment to always do our best to meet your herbal and supplemental health needs with attention to the highest purity, potency, and ethical l standards.

Due to the nature of the current global crisis, it can be difficult to procure some of the herbs that we have included in our formulations. We continue to work to create the purest and most effective products and to deliver them to you with the greatest possible expediency.

While our in-office visits are greatly reduced, you may still schedule a phone or video consultation with Jason. To discuss your options or to schedule a remote consultation, please call us at (845) 255-2255 or send us a message through this page: Contact Jason.  For our clients whom Jason sees in person, they can continue to get their herbal formulations and supplements as per usual.  Just call when you’re running low.  Please stay in touch and let us know how we can help.  It is a blessing to be of service to you during this time, and we thank you.

Yours in health,

Jason Elias, and the Integral Health staff

How to use this site

In each individual condition or health challenge, we will offer you suggestions in all our main healing modalities, as shown and explained in the flip-boxes below.  As you browse the health conditions supported on our site you will see these same icons again next to our suggestions for that modality.  We also provide links to the products we have used most successfully in our private practice over the last 30 years and a shopping cart link button to keep track if you have decided to make some purchases.

Medicinal Herbs

We often suggest both single extracts as well as formulations to support your health

Acupuncture/ Acupressure

Gentle stimulation of specific points on the body to stimulates our natural ability to heal


Nourishing the body with whole food so that our body/ mind/ spirit can function optimally


How we relax, socialize, sleep, exercise and live mindfully may offer us the greatest possible access to our well-being

Personal Insight and reflection

If you wish to receive the answers you need about your health you may want to ask yourself some important questions

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A word from Jason

I have been in private practice since the 1970’s, treating thousands of patients by integrating the modalities of acupuncture, herbal medicine, and nutrition. Over a period of forty years, my professional training has included work in the U.S. with acknowledged leaders in the fields of psychology, the Alexander technique, massage therapy, bioenergetic therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and herbal medicine, both Eastern and Western. My passion for discovering the root of healing has taken me around the world in search for the commonalities of healing modalities; in Japan with masters of Aikido; in Hong Kong with a prominent Chinese acupuncturist and herbalist; and in India, with an Ayurvedic master and in the Philippines studying with their indigenous psychic healers.

My role in treating my patients has been as a participant in their healing process, addressing their immediate symptoms with acupuncture, bodywork, herbal medicine and nutritional advice; but just as important, in helping them to reconnect with those forces which have separated them from their deeper nature.

I and our Five Element Healing staff welcome you to participate in your own healing by utilizing the information on our website. Come and browse our site, get specific support for your health issues, and explore how you connect to the five elemental types.

In health and warm wishes,

Jason Elias, MA, LMT, LAc, Dipl. OM, Dipl. CH

Jason’s Journey to Healing (A short bio)

Healing with the Elements and Seasons

Each element and the corresponding season it embodies, brings us special gifts and challenges. We offer guidance on the appropriate use of herbs, supplements, and nutrition, corresponding with the elements and season, along with advice on ways to support yourself in harmony with the seasons, to achieve optimal health.