My First Acupuncture Appointment – starring Gavin (age 6)

Gavin gets his first acupuncture session with Jason.  We particularly recommend this video to those folks who may feel any trepidation around trying out acupuncture themselves.

Energy Healing: An Eastern Healing Model & It’s Application in Western Health Care

Noted author and healer Jason Elias, MA, LMT, LAc, Dipl. OM, Dipl. CH speaks on Energy Based Healing at the Health Alliance of the Hudson Valley lecture series at Benedictine Hospital, Kingston, NY.

In part one he recounts his quest for the roots of true healing which has included training in the U.S. with acknowledged leaders in the fields of psychology, the Alexander technique, massage therapy, bioenergetic therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and herbal medicine; in Japan with masters of Aikido; in Hong Kong with a prominent Chinese acupuncturist and herbalist; and in India, with an Ayurvedic master.

In part two Jason describes the Chinese way of understanding the energy systems (the qi) in our bodies and the qualities that characterize the various types of qi.  This Eastern model is then compared to our Western approach with an eye towards the advantages of having both at our disposal.

A Diving Meditation

“Diving has always been a meditative experience for me. I tried a new gopro camera and feel it kind of captures the spirit. Hope you enjoy!” – Jason

Music credit (with thanks and by permission) – Artists: Govi – Selections from “Seventh Heaven” and Johannes Linnstead – Selections from “Kiss the Earth”