Complementary medicine is a term used to describe a range of holistic and naturopathic treatments that you may choose to receive along with traditional Western medicine. Modern hospitals, clinics, and doctors often find that complementary medicine’s attention to the overall health and wellness of their patients enhances treatment and healing. Holistic and naturopathic practitioners who value the grounded structure of an evidence-based approach often seek avenues to collaborate with hospitals, clinics, and doctors to support their client’s health. The frequently used term “alternative medicine” can imply a conflict between these modalities that does not support ideal outcomes for health and wellness. complimentary medicine welcomes both Eastern traditional methods and Western modern approaches under the harmonious garden canopy of a holistic approach through which we take full agency and responsibility for our own health.

The modalities of complementary medicine that we practice at Integral Health Apothecary/Five Element Healing are informed by the Master’s Degree in Psychology that acts as a clinical foundation for our founder Jason Elias. The offerings of herbalism and acupuncture, for which he is most known are complimented by support for good nutrition and for a healthy lifestyle.