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Dr-Marc-Grossman-Natural-Eye-CareAt Integral Health Apothecary we offer a line of formulations that specifically supports your eyes. They were created by renowned natural eye care specialist Dr Marc Grossman in conjunction with Integral Health Apothecary’s founder Jason Elias.
ReVision Formula is formulated for the conditions of glaucoma, macular degeneration and floaters by helping to improve blood circulation and eliminate stagnation of energy to the eyes.
EyeEase Formula uses Chinese and Western herbs to help ease inflammation of the eyes including conjunctivitis and sties.
Retinal Support Formula helps strengthen the retina through a variety of Chinese and Western herbs which improve blood circulation to the eyes.
Woman-with-eyes-upturnedVisionTone Formula is designed to help prevent and heal cataracts and provides support for dry eyes and light sensitivity by stimulating the body’s own healing energy.