You have arrived at the sign-up page for our automatic shipment  program. By signing up for this program you will be opening a door to more personalized support for your health and nutritional needs.

The information you provide here online will form the basis for your regular shipments but we do have a policy of speaking to you personally by phone before sending you your first delivery. This insures that we share an understanding and that we are doing the most we can to meet your individualized requirements. In addition this supports our old fashioned policy of only taking and keeping records of our customers credit card numbers via phone and storing them securely in our offices and off the internet. (Non-auto-ship orders in our store are processed securely via our merchant account or Paypal and we do not retain a record of your card.)

After we have completed this initial process you will receive an email that confirms your enrollment and contains a link to a preferred customer service page which allows you to add items to your order, postpone, speed up or cancel your shipment or completely cancel your participation in your auto-ship plan at any time. We will of course be available by email and phone as well.

Autoship Program Terms and Conditions

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