This online site was created to introduce you to the power of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the Five Element Healing approach to wellness. Each element, and the corresponding season of the year it embodies, brings us its special gifts and challenges. This site has been intentionally designed to highlight these elements and illuminate their relationship to the natural healing of the body, mind, and spirit. The Five Element system of healing is based on the presence of inner energy which, when flowing rightly, promotes health, and when blocked, can develop disease. In my forty years of practice, I have found that when the body is carefully nurtured, it has the innate wisdom to heal itself.

winter-buttonThe concepts of Five Element Healing manifests on this site as a progression through the seasons.  With each passing season we provide guidance on the appropriate  use of herbs, supplements and nutrition, and provide advice on ways to support yourself in a seasonally conscious manner.  You may note that the background of this home page depicts Winter, our current season. We’ve used my nature photography and my partner Mikio’s design skills to illustrate these seasonal healing relationships.

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I invite you to explore the site’s many pages and deepen your knowledge of the Five Element Healing process.

Jason Elias, MA, LMT, LAc, Dipl. OM, Dipl. CH

I have been in private practice since the 1970’s, treating thousands of patients by integrating the modalities of acupuncture, herbal medicine, and nutrition. Over a period of forty years, my professional training has included work in the U.S. with acknowledged leaders in the fields of psychology, the Alexander technique, massage therapy, bioenergetic therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and herbal medicine; in Japan with masters of Aikido; in Hong Kong with a prominent Chinese acupuncturist and herbalist; and in India, with an Ayurvedic master.

When clients walk through my office door, they often have symptoms that urgently need to be addressed: a painful lower back with sciatica, tennis elbow, or a frozen shoulder. Frequently, clients have multiple symptoms such as the painful joints, lethargy, and foggy thinking associated with Lyme disease; high blood pressure and cholesterol; allergies; menopausal symptoms; or a chronic illness like diabetes or cancer. After an initial assessment, I provide a targeted treatment strategy, including personal consultation, the use of acupuncture and Chinese as well as Western herbal support, nutritional and dietary suggestions, exercise, and a view of disease symptoms through a psychological and spiritual filter.

My role in treating my patients has been as a participant in the healing process, helping patients to become whole by reclaiming, reintegrating, and restoring the self. My hope is that as you explore and gain a deeper understanding of Five Element Healing, you may grow in empowerment of body, mind, and spirit so as to help heal yourself.

I’d like to express my sincere gratitude  to the members of our team.  Mikio Kennedy, art director and webmaster (you may have seen his artwork on the album covers of The Grateful Dead and others).  Doris Yokelson, our editor in chief and researcher, who has done a remarkable job of rendering the essence of Five Element Healing and the intent of my ideas, thoughts, and words into elegant expression.  Sharon Rowe, founder and CEO of Ecobags Inc. our ace marketing guru.  Lori Baczynsky, who has worked with me as my personal assistant for over 15 years, and is profoundly knowledgeable in the practice of nutrition and herbal medicine.

This website is the result of much labor and love.  We hope that our efforts provide you with the information and the tools that can support you on your healing journey.  We welcome your health questions and feedback

yours in community,

                                                     ~ Jason and the Staff of Five Element Healing